The “Let`s Do It, Romania!” team is launching the second edition of “Let’s Do It, Danube!” - Let's Do It, Romania!
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The “Let`s Do It, Romania!” team is launching the second edition of “Let’s Do It, Danube!”

The “Let`s Do It, Romania!” team is launching the second edition of “Let’s Do It, Danube!”

logo-ldid (2)For the second year in a row, the “Let’s Do It, Romania!” team is organizing this spring “Let’s Do It, Danube!” campaign, created with the aim of educating and make the Romanian citizens more responsible towards water cleaning and especially the Danube, the most important river in the country.

The campaign starts on March 21st with a cleanup action where more than 3000 pupils from all Danubian counties are expected. The cleanup action marks the International Water Day on the 22nd of March.

“Let’s Do It, Danube!” will continue with a large ecologic educational campaign in the schools of the Danubian counties with interactive trainings held by the local “Let’s Do It, Romania!” teams. The pupils will learn what a responsible behavior towards the environment means and what are the things that they can do daily to protect the planet and reduce pollution, receiving at the same time information about the Danube and the species that live there. After the training a documentary projection will follow, “Danube, Europe`s Amazon”, in 2 parts, created by the production house ScienceVision Filmproduktion GmbH, considered the most spectacular documentary about the Danube created in the last years. The documentary follows the course of the Danube from its origins to its emptying and speaks about the fauna and flora from the areas passed by the river, but also about the touristic and commercial importance that Danube has in the economy of Europe.

The educational campaign will continue with the creation contest “The Danube`s Explorers”, where the pupils will share their stories about the Danube and it will end with a summer camp in the Danube Delta dedicated to the ones with a special contribution.

Also,“Let’s Do It, Danube!” means a cleanup action of the Danube shores on the 27th of June 2015, close to the International Day of the river. A premiere of this year is the cleanup of the water with the help of some special boats and teams of divers. The counties involved this year in the cleanup day are Caraș – Severin, Mehedinți, Dolj, Olt, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Călărași, Ialomița, Brăila, Galați, Tulcea and Constanța.

In 2014, “Let’s Do It, Danube!” has involved more than 9000 volunteers in the 2 stages of the project: more than 4700 pupils took part in the educational actions and more than 4400 volunteers cleaned up the Danube`s shores in 12 counties, on the International Danube Day.

 “Let’s Do It, Danube!” is organized in partnership of the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests and it is supported by Kaufland România.

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