The “Let’s Do It, Romania!” takes volunteering into the digital era

The “Let’s Do It, Romania!” takes volunteering into the digital era! We want to create a mobile app and an administration platform to first clean the country and then the whole world of illegal dump and residue. This creates the opportunity of digital volunteering: saving nature with just a smartphone and wi-fi connection.

How does it work?

Briefly, in cleaning the planet we’ve got two major issues: 1. Illegal waste is spread all around the countries with no accurate map of this garbage to clean it up. 2. There’s no easy procedure for you, as a citizen, to report the trash found in nature to the legal authorities in charge with cleaning it up.

Our mobile app helps you mark garbage on the map anytime, anywhere, be it in nature or in your city. In the “Let’s Do It, Romania” campaigns in the last 5 years, people made tremendous personal efforts to simply locate this trash in order to clean it up because there was no relevant map for it. By developing this app, anyone can contribute in real-time to assembling an accurate Garbage Map with each click!

The moment you pin garbage on the map, the app generates an official notice to the relevant authorities through a simple template you can fill in. According to the legislation, the authorities have to come back to you with an answer in 30 days.The notice remains in your app history so you receive constant updates about its status until it gets resolved.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! On the 12th of May we’re launching the first crowdfunding campaign for an ecological cause in Romania! Help us make our dream a reality: we want to use technology to have a cleaner country and a cleaner world! We want to volunteer faster, easier, with just a smartphone. A swipe or a click really CAN change the world.

How can you get involved? – “Join” this event and invite your friends and family to support the cause! – “Share” the events and posts from our official Facebook page on your Social Media! – Donate to our cause on or purchase one of our awesome perks!

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